Before property demolition ensure you have thought it through

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You have to take on any building demolition with a detailed plan. This is so that you can be precise and careful at every step. In addition to this, you will be able to keep the environmental impact of the work to a minimum. The importance of this is greater in built up areas where people could face dangers from the project. We can help with projects, offering premier demolition in the North East.

Before you can begin any work, you will need to contact your local council. By consulting with them you can confirm your plans and get a formal decision as to whether you can commence with the work. The Local Authority Building Control will also need six weeks notice before you start. Through this you can ensure you adhere to all necessary building regulations. During this time they might inform you of conditions to meet for the demolition project. A potential example includes considering neighbouring properties.

Do You Have Permission?

There are a number of listed properties and ones in conservation areas. If this is the case with your building then you cannot work on it without obtaining the necessary permission.

If the property in question is protected then you will require listed building consent to go ahead with demolishing plans. You can’t make any changes that detract from the character of the property.

For buildings situated in a restricted area, you will have to get permission. Work taking place in a conservation area should have a minimal impact on the environment. Due to this, you should be aware of the rules and regulations regarding demolition as they are strict.

Additional Considerations

For this work you will need to prepare detailed demolition and health and safety plans. The first of these will show people your intentions and approach. This needs to include comprehensive details for every stage of work. The information in the plan should also show your intentions to prevent the spread of contaminants as much as possible.

For the health and safety plan, you will need to consider how you will keep people on site and around it safe at all times. You may also require an environmental survey depending on the situation.

You need to understand that while you may have demolished a building, you may not get the permission you need to build a new one. If this is your intention, you will have to go through detailed planning phases.

You should always come up with a comprehensive plan before demolishing a property. This should include potential problems before, during and after the work. With us we will handle every aspect of demolition with care to ensure the safety of the work. Thompsons of Prudhoe should be your first choice for specialist demolition in the North East so call us.