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Congratulations John!

John BuchanThompsons of Prudhoe is proud to reveal that our very own John Buchan recently won the Regional Safety Leadership Award from Sir Robert McAlpine.

John was a stand-out member of our team on a tricky part of the Nissan XL 2 Scheme. The challenge was excavating 9m in a live Press Shop. Several specialist skills were necessary for the work, including cutting and lifting concrete. John’s excellent communication and management skills were crucial to ensuring the success of the job.

You can view the official press release from the award here. If you would like help with a project, contact Thompsons of Prudhoe at 01661 832 422.

Our plans for material recovery with dismantling projects

At Thompsons Of Prudhoe we provide services for dismantling and earth works in the North East as well as across the UK. Our aim is to be the best team for safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly work. Projects like dismantling can be complex due to the various factors you have to consider. However, we can create the right plan for the job. Continue reading “Our plans for material recovery with dismantling projects” »

Good Luck Grant!

We are thrilled that one of Thompsons of Prudhoe’s most experienced Demolition Supervisors is one of only four people to be shortlisted by the Demolition Industry’s Trade Body – the NFDC – at its annual Awards this year in the Category “Demolition Supervisor of the Year”.

Grant Gibson’s supervision and delivery of several gasholder dismantling projects over the last year was recognised by the NFDC, on the back of the outstanding Considerate Constructors Scheme scores achieved on his sites and for the satisfaction with his work shown by our client Northern Gas Networks.

The Awards will be held on 8th March in London.

Before property demolition ensure you have thought it through

You have to take on any building demolition with a detailed plan. This is so that you can be precise and careful at every step. In addition to this, you will be able to keep the environmental impact of the work to a minimum. The importance of this is greater in built up areas where people could face dangers from the project. We can help with projects, offering premier demolition in the North East. Continue reading “Before property demolition ensure you have thought it through” »

So many industrial site materials are recyclable – don’t waste them

Decommissioning an industrial site once it has shut down involves a lot of work. The materials on site can be harmful to the environment so people have a duty to minimise their impact as much as possible. Contaminated items and harmful substances need your attention first so that the job can be safe and go on with ease. You should also prioritise items considered valuable rather than waste. You can then protect them so that you can use them again. We can be of help with this as well as offering the best earth works in the North East and more. Continue reading “So many industrial site materials are recyclable – don’t waste them” »

A perfect one stop solution for demolition and decommissioning

Our methods of waste disposal and recycling are responsible. This helps us show clients that we are an environmentally conscious company. We provide leading demolition and decommissioning services in the North East. With our range of work, we never fail to supply great levels of care as well as top results. Continue reading “A perfect one stop solution for demolition and decommissioning” »