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Ensuring demolition projects are as safe as possible

The main use of demolition in the North East is to remove properties people no longer use. This will make the land available for regeneration work. There are also situations where buildings are unsafe or lack planning permission and need removing. Demolition projects happen across the UK in numerous settings including rural and urban areas. Continue reading “Ensuring demolition projects are as safe as possible” »

Extensive recycling to reduce environmental impact

Being aware of our impact on the environment is an important part of our work. This extends across our services, covering decommissioning and asbestos removal in the North East. We ensure that our work involves responsible waste management and recycling. Our team is familiar with waste legislation and therefore works hard to offer sustainable solutions. Continue reading “Extensive recycling to reduce environmental impact” »

Safe completion of decommissioning work is vital

You need to take a great deal of care when you are looking to decommission an industrial facility. This is regardless of the site’s previous purpose. It could have been home to a manufacturer, a petrochemical producer, or a storage company. The company that is responsible for the removal work needs to complete it safely. Part of this is accounting for all relevant risks. Luckily for you, Thompsons of Prudhoe provides leading decommissioning services in the North East. Continue reading “Safe completion of decommissioning work is vital” »

Continuously meeting demolition industry demands

Industries like demolition and construction involve a lot of dangers and demands. As a result it is of the utmost importance that every worker maintains the highest standard of professionalism and skill. Our specialist team are experts in these areas. We complete many complex projects for dismantling, earth works, and demolition in the North East. Continue reading “Continuously meeting demolition industry demands” »

Our extensive recycling service helps protect the environment

It is crucial that we protect the planet for the sake of future generations. At Thompsons of Prudhoe there are many measures that we use to keep our work environmentally friendly. In addition we look to introduce new processes where they will provide benefits. This applies to all our services, including demolition as well as asbestos removal in the North East. Continue reading “Our extensive recycling service helps protect the environment” »

Minimising environmental impact through efficient earthworks

At Thompsons of Prudhoe, we have a history that dates back more than 6 decades. We offer top quality services, including decommissioning, dismantling, and earthworks in the North East. Being fully equipped enables us to carry out various kinds of construction and demolition work for a wide array of clients. Continue reading “Minimising environmental impact through efficient earthworks” »