An end to end solution for dealing with contaminated soils

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During earth works projects the correct steps need to be taken to dispose of hazardous waste such as contaminated soils. They cannot be left on the site and are unsuitable for other uses unless first processed to ensure they are not hazardous to humans, animals, or the environment. Fortunately our team at Thompsons of Prudhoe can provide an end to end solution; that is why we are one of the longest established and leading earth works contractors in the North East region.

The first step to tackling contaminated soils is to understand what type of materials can cause the contamination. There are several, including;

Heavy metals – lead, cadmium, mercury etc
Radioactive substances

Soils on a wide variety of different sites can become contaminated over time due to the operations that take place on them. For example operations like manufacturing, mining, refining, and even landfill will result in some waste materials finding their way into soil. The end result is that the earth works must include remediation to clean up or remove and safely dispose of the materials.

If you are developing a site that has contaminated soil you need to deal with the contamination properly before you can fully develop the site. In some cases the responsibility for cleaning up the site can be placed on the previous owner if they can be identified but the current owner is usually the party responsible for picking up the bill.

At Thompsons of Prudhoe we can tackle any kind of hazardous soil and provide a suitable solution. We have a fleet of over 100 vehicles at our disposal, including excavators to remove materials and tippers to transfer them from the site. We even have dust suppression equipment if it becomes crucial to preventing contaminants from spreading.

When it comes to earth works in the North East we ensure every project is planned carefully and executed with precision. With excellent working relationships with specialist laboratories and consultants that we have developed over the years, we support clients throughout the process and ensure they meet their obligations. Dealing with the issues of contaminated soil from the outset in  a professional and complant manner can result in big savings to a project, especially if we are involved at an early stage.

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