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Our methods of waste disposal and recycling are responsible. This helps us show clients that we are an environmentally conscious company. We provide leading demolition and decommissioning services in the North East. With our range of work, we never fail to supply great levels of care as well as top results.

When it comes to the necessary rules of waste management, we have wide knowledge. Our dedication to hard work enables us to provide all our customers with a sustainable solution. We commit ourselves to environmentalism. In addition, we dispose of any and all waste from projects in the most eco-friendly way possible.

A Beneficial Approach

We have an array of values that we apply throughout our operation. When it comes to our clients, they can trust that we always take every step to minimise the quantity of waste sent to landfill.

The thing to keep in mind is that a problem with the eco system will affect everyone. This is why care is an integral part of our services. It also helps with the preservation of the planet. Complete adherence means that we apply our policies to every project. We look at the waste to determine what we can recycle and find new use for. This is a better way of managing resources.

People are often unaware of the vast amount of materials that are suitable for recycling. This includes plastics, scrap metal and also plasterboard. If there are items we cannot segregate on site like concrete, we transfer it to one of our recycling plants. You can look forward to minimal disposal costs and the fact that you took the approach to reduce landfill.

Numerous Services To Utilise

A huge number of people rely on us for their needs. This is due to us offering recycling, quarrying, dismantling and earthworks. This isn’t even all the high quality services we offer. We enjoy partnering with various industries to provide a comprehensive service. As well as this, we build relationships with clients so that you always stay up to date on progress. We put a big importance on communication because it can add lots of value to jobs.

Whatever the project in question, you can count on Thompsons Of Prudhoe. We are the team with the skills, experience and training to provide you with complete peace of mind. Learn about eco-friendly demolition and decommissioning services in the North East and contact us. We would be more than happy to help you with any and all enquiries you may have.