A large proportion of materials on industrial sites can be recycled

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When it is time to shut down an industrial site and decommission it, it is important to minimise the impact on the environment as far as possible. Harmful substances and contaminated items should be dealt with first to ensure the rest of the project can progress smoothly. Valuable items that need to be kept for reuse also need to be removed early to prevent damage to them.

Once the contamination is taken care of the other contents of the structure can be dismantled to make them easier to remove. This part of the project needs to be planned carefully to ensure the stability of the structure isn’t harmed when items are removed. If removing anything will lead to instability a different plan of action needs to be taken.

One of the biggest things to take into account when dismantling and decommissioning an industrial property is what to do with the materials that are taken away. A large number of them can be recycled to reduce the damage to the environment, whether it is bricks and masonry, structural steel or other metals. Soils and Green waste can also be recycled if there is a need. Contaminated materials must be handled with care and either disposed of or dealt with in-situ in an appropriate manner.

If you are planning on recycling materials from an industrial site it is important to consult a specialist early and ensure they have the facilities to process them safely, and are fully conversant with both hazardous and non-hazardous waste management. We specialise in recycling as many materials as possible, and will help you to demonstrate that everything is being handled properly, in full compliance with Construction Design & Management (CDM), Health & Safety, and Environmental legislation. We operate our own recycling facilities and have licences to both carry and process waste.

As one of the UK’s leading specialists in decommissioning, dismantling and earth works in the North East, we offer a comprehensive range of services to the entire UK. We ensure safe handling of all types of waste. By operating our own recycling facilities we keep a keen eye on how materials are processed and ensure there is as little environmental impact as possible. Clients can trust us to decommission sites and return them to usable condition in a safe, efficient manner.